Large Capacity CNC Lathe and Mill to be exhibited at IMTS 2024 Chicago
Soraluce CNC Milling, Boring, Multitasking Machine

Select Machining Technologies

Advanced milling, boring, multitasking machines with automation for machining large complex workpieces efficiently with the utmost precision

Geminis G7i CNC lathe for CNC machining large shafts

Select Machining Technologies

Large capacity, heavy-duty horizontal CNC turning solutions that are customizable for simple to complex applications.

Ibarmia universal 5-axis multitasking machining centers

Select Machining Technologies

Machining technology with unparalleled performance, seamlessly integrating superior power, accuracy and reliability

Momentum VTL

Select Machining Technologies

Heavy-duty, large capacity CNC vertical turning lathes

Soraluce the leader in Boring, Milling, Multitasking CNC technology

Technology-driven leader of multitasking machines for large complex parts available with a wide variety of configurations.

Geminis CNC Lathes and Multi Process Turning Centers

Large capacity, heavy-duty horizontal CNC turning solutions that are customizable for simple to complex applications.

Ibarmia CNC Multitasking 5-axis CNC Machining Centers

Delivering machines with unparalleled performance, seamlessly integrating superior power, accuracy, and reliability.

Momentun 1

Heavy-duty, ram-type vertical turning lathes and flat bed lathes for turning large and/or heavy workpieces.

Advanced Technology for Machining BIG Parts at IMTS 2024

Soraluce CNC mill, Geminis CNC Lathe, Ibarmia 5-axis Mill, Momentum Vertical Turning Lathe

Soraluce, Geminis, Ibarmia and Momentum all at IMTS 2024

See advanced manufacturing solutions engineered to take on your BIGGEST machining challenges, along the prestigious FRONT ROW of IMTS. The BIG machine line-up includes a Soraluce SAD40 traveling column multitasking mill, a Geminis GT5i large-capacity multitasking lathe, an Ibarmia THC12 twin-pallet 5-axis universal multitasking machining centers and a Momentum MVL-15iM-SR vertical turning lathe with milling capabilities and the all-new Super Ram.

Select Machining Technologies

Size Matters... That's why Select Machining Technologies has partnered with globally recognized brands of CNC machine tools designed and engineered for machining large, complex components, to bring advanced manufacturing solutions to American manufacturers' BIGGEST machining challenges.

We distribute this technology through our network of industry-leading full-service distributors; Morris, Hartwig, Gosiger, and Arizona CNC.

By combining advanced manufacturing technology with support from the industry's most knowledgeable and trusted distribution channel, we're ready to take on your Biggest, Tallest, Longest, Widest, Heaviest and most complex machining challenges. 


Learn about the BIGGEST Solutions in Machining coming to IMTS 2024 this September in Chicago!

Momentum Lathe Turning Large Parts for Off Shore Oil Exploration in Texas

“The Momentum MVL-16M lathe’s 63-inch chuck, 78-inch max turning diameter, and 63-inch max turning height gives Fabcorp the ability to perform full mill/turn work,” states Oscar Hernandez, Plant Manager at Fabcorp. “We've turned up to 3/8s, radial cuts on tough materials and have no complaints, the machine pushes it with the 75 horsepower main spindle.”

Stronger, Faster and more Efficient, ZVH Moving Column Machining Centers

The most powerful machine of its kind, the 6th generation IBARMIA Z Series moving column multitasking machining center is now Stronger, Faster and more Efficient for an even bigger ROI.

• 30% faster acceleration on the traveling column reducing cycle times
• 10% faster tool changes reducing cycle times on complex parts
• 20% increased workspace for machining larger components

Milling, Threading, Turning and Grinding Components Complete on a SORALUCE

Coffin Turbo Pump has realized a 35% to 40% reduction in machining time by CNC milling, threading, turning and grinding in their new SORALUCE TAM 25 multitasking machining center. The SORALUCE machining center is the single largest investment made in their plant in over 20 years.

“It’s a game changer” - Jim Kinneary, President and CEO

Introducing the GEMINIS GM9i Multi-Process Turning Center

In this machine walkaround video, Doug Schulte, aka the Machine Tool Google, goes over the features of a Geminis GM9i Multi-Process Turning Center on the factory floor in Spain, before being shipped to a US based steel mill. Doug shares many of the design features that were developed specifically for the machinist, to provide easy, safe access to oversized parts being machined.

FIBA Industries Boosts Productivity with Soraluce Multitasking Machine

Enjoy this interview with Matt Sprogna, Director of Operations at FIBA Industries in Littleton, MA to learn how they've increased productivity on large storage vessels / tanks with the recent addition of a Soraluce FLP 14000 floor-type milling, boring, multitasking machining center