Ibarmia universal 5-axis multitasking machining centers
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About Ibarmia

Building upon 70 years of experience, Ibarmia is committed to delivering innovative machining solutions with flexibility that revolves around you and your application. Your unique requirements drive the unlimited range of configurations Ibarmia offer, allowing us to tailor our machines precisely to your specific needs and propel the development of our technology.

The core of Ibarmia’ s Precision Technology lies in delivering machines with unparalleled performance, seamlessly integrating superior power, accuracy, and reliability through cutting-edge advancements in manufacturing. Ibarmia is dedicated to User-Centered Design to ensure that their machines not only embody ergonomic excellence but also allure, with thoughtful consideration for operators, providing optimal access and user-friendliness.

Ibarmia T-series 5-axis universal machining center

T Series

Ibarmia T Series universal 5 axis CNC machining centers for large diameters up to 3600 mm and automatic pallet changing for full automated production manufacturing

Z Series

Ibarmia Z Series Traveling Column Universal Machining Centers

Multitasking Machining Center
IBARMIA Z-Series traveling column machining centers offer the most flexible platform for machining large, complex components in a single set up

C Series

Ibarmia C Series Large Diameter Ring Production Multitasking Machining Centers


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