Aerospace Webinar, Tuesday, December 5th at 2 pm

Join us Tuesday, December 5th at 2pm (EST) as Oier Elguezabal and Doug Schulte present the latest advanced technology for machining key components found in aerospace engines, airframes and landing gear. Learn about the fully automated multitasking solution for milling and turning rocket engines at US-based space exploration company, Blue Origin.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Optimize Milling Efficiency with Wide Range of Universal Milling Heads

Enjoy this on-demand technology webinar about the wide range of Universal Milling Heads available on Soraluce's Milling / Boring / Multitasking Machines

Discover the advantages of machining with Soraluce Universal Milling Heads, boosting accuracy and productivity to a higher level, providing maximum cutting capacity and excellent versatility to cover any workpiece. Get flexibility, the power of indexing!

  • Review the wide range of Soraluce Milling Heads available
  • See a live demonstration of a Soraluce Universal Head
  • Tour Soraluce’s in-house Advanced Head Manufacturing Center
  • Review Case Studies of Successful Applications for leading manufacturers

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Milling, Boring, Multitasking Solutions for BIG Components

Watch a Recording of our Technology Event Focused on Multitasking Solutions  

Discover ways to increase productivity by significantly reducing material handling and setup time with SORALUCE Multitasking Solutions. Advanced machine tool technology from SORALUCE combines multiple machining processes in a single platform, such as Milling, Turning, Grinding and Gear Cutting!

What you’ll see and learn:

  • Live machining demonstration: milling, turning and grinding.
  • Multitasking solutions utilizing a wide range of machine configurations.
  • Customer success stories.
  • Live chat with factory experts.

Advantages of Soraluce Multitasking Solutions:

  • Improved machining accuracy and overall part quality.
  • Reductions in material handling and setup time.
  • Capacity for medium to large workpieces.
  • Cost benefits from fewer machine, fixture, tooling and labor requirements.
  • High-torque multitasking heads and dedicated turning heads.
  • Wide variety of tables: rotary and rotary-travelling, milling and turning tables, all manufactured in-house.
  • Turning, grinding and gear cutting cycles and functionalities by Soraluce Software Factory.
  • Cutting-edge technology: DAS®, TBS, Chip Breaker… and more

Webinar Recording

Click to watch our Multitasking Technology April 28th Webinar

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Productivity Solutions for Large Components

Select Machining Technologies and Soraluce recently held a Productivity Webinar hosted by Modern Machine Shop.

This informative webinar covered innovative ways to reduce setup time and material handling when machining extremely large, complex components using advanced manufacturing solutions from Soraluce. The 45-minute webinar was live-streamed (and recorded) from the Soraluce factory in Bergara Spain and includes two real-world applications. Click to link to view the webinar in its entirety!


Watch a recording of the Productivity webinar from Soraluce's factory in Bergara, Spain!