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About Soraluce

SORALUCE is a technology-driven leader in the production of highly customizable multitasking machines for large complex parts available with a wide variety of configurations. Their broad product range includes bed-type and floor-type milling and boring machines, multitasking machining center, bridge and gantry-type portal machines, and vertical turning centers. There are numerous work-area configurations with fixed floor plates, rotary and mill/turn table options. Duplex, pallet changers, pendulum and machining options are also available.

All SORALUCE machines can be configured with over 300 different head designs, including universal, fixed, multitasking, turning and specials... All of which are designed, engineered and built in-house. 

Boring Mills

Soraluce FS Boring Mandrinadora

Bridge Mills

Soralucebridge Mill

Precision and Versatility
SORALUCE offers a broad range of Bridge and Gantry milling machines engineered for a broad range of applications for large complex components

Milling Machines

Soraluce Milling Machine

Multitasking Machines

Soraluce Multitasking Machine

Vertical Turning Lathes

Soraluce Vertical Turning Machine

Spindle Heads

Soraluce Spindle Head

A Class of their Own
The broad range of SORALUCE heads are distinguished by their precision and high performance, enabling operations to be performed with great accuracy.


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