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About Soraluce

SORALUCE is a technology-driven leader in the production of highly customizable milling, boring, multitasking machines for large complex parts available in a wide range of configurations. Configurations include bed-type and floor-type milling, boring, multitasking machining centers, bridge and gantry-type portal machines, and vertical turning centers. Work-area configurations with fixed floor plates, rotary and mill/turn table options, as well as over 300 different spindle heads are available to adapt to your unique application.

At IMTS Chicago, see Soraluce's all-new SAD40 multitasking machining center performing live-cutting demonstrations in booth #339100. The SAD40, part of Soraluce's Performance Line, features a 1-meter built in rotary for turning operations, as well as a universal head for 5-axis machining of prismatic parts. 

Boring Mills

Soraluce FS floor type boring, milling, multitasking machine

Bridge & Gantry Mills

Soraluce PRG gantry multitasking milling machine

Precision and Versatility
SORALUCE offers a broad range of Bridge and Gantry milling machines engineered for a broad range of applications for large complex components

High Rail Gantry

Soraluce HGP High Rail Gantry 5-axis milling machine

Multitasking Machines

Soraluce Multitasking Machine

Milling Machines

Soraluce Milling Machine

Vertical Turning Lathes

Soraluce Vertical Turning Machine

Soraluce TAD25 Multitasking Machine Review with Doug Schulte

Senior Product Manager and Machine Tool Google Doug Schulte does an in-depth review of Soraluce's TAD25 multitasking machining center. The large capacity TAD25 features a built-in rotary table and universal spindle head for 5-axis machining of large, complex, prismatic parts.


Discover the All-New SORALUCE Performance Line, born to provide the highest reliability and precision along with outstanding flexibility. One structure, three architectures, endless solutions adapted to your machining requirements.


  • TA: Bed Type Machining Center
  • FA: Floor Type Machining Center
  • SA: Fixed Table Travelling Column Machining Center

Discover 7 key ways to improve the productivity in the machining of large complex components for industrial vehicles, such as booms, arms, frames, or buckets. Learn how advanced milling & boring solutions, developed by industry leader SORALUCE, significantly reduce machining times and material handling while delivering the highest level of accuracy to exceed this sector’s production challenges.

  • Select the solution that best adapts to your volume scenario
  • Explore ways to increase productivity
  • Add automation for unattended machining
  • Integrate your machine into your production management system
  • Optimize tool management
  • Customize your solution with over 300 spindle head configurations
  • Lean on our expertise in machining large complex components


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