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NEW Momentum MVL-15iM Heavy Duty VTL with 63″ Swing

WINDSOR, CT – Introducing the all-new Momentum MVL-15i ram-type vertical turning lathe, offering 63” (1600 mm) of swing in a robust platform for machining oversized workpieces with the upmost efficiency. The MVL-15i joins Momentum’s wide range of heavy-duty vertical turning lathes designed with superior rigidity and dampening for heavy material removal, fine surface finish and precision.

Like all Momentum VTL’s. the MVL-15i features a full-wrap, arch shaped column that is curved around the table to maximize mass, rigidity and dampening. A full length cross-rail allows for turning, milling and probing to both sides of the table. A single piece saddle fully encloses the 9.44” square ram.

A 74 HP main spindle is standard on the MVL-15i, along with a 30 HP milling spindle. The table load is supported by a classic dual bearing design that includes both a Thrust bearing and a Radial bearing to distribute the weight of the part and centrifugal forces.

All Momentum vertical turning lathes are supported by Select Machining Technologies with local service and parts support.