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Boring Mills
Rigid and Precise


SORALUCE unique design boring machines are conceived for efficient multi-face machining of medium and large sized workpieces, ensuring robustness and precision.


  • Advanced SORALUCE technology geared towards maximising productivity, precision and customisation: DAS system, Accura Heads, SSV and Adaptive Control. 
  • Multitasking machine: milling and turning solution in a single set-up 
  • Automated solutions: integrated palletised workpiece loading and unloading systems and robot-based solutions
  • SORALUCE head technology: highly reliable, extensive range of SORALUCE quills and heads
  • Automatic head and tool changing systems
  • SORALUCE Digital, Data System: comprehensive monitoring package with continuous information of machine and process status 
  • Great precision and efficiency with the high-torque, direct drive spindle motor
  • High dynamics with speeds of up to 35 m/min and acceleration of 1 m/s2 (longitudinal) and 1.5 m/s(vertical and cross)
  • Low gravity centre design providing improved stability
  • Enhanced productivity and precision for components belonging to industrial vehicles, moulds and dies, capital goods and precision engineering industries
  • Flexible machine architecture facilitating different machine configurations, the use of different work stations and pendulum machining
  • Total machine concept design: complete working area analysed for optimal comfort, safety and ergonomics (maintenance spots, operator platform)  

Inspired by innovation, Soraluce leads the future of the sector by creating value for its customers, setting new standards in milling, boring and turning.


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